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Skills to develop – data analyst – from a job description

ESM Business Data Analyst for banking client  This role will require a candidate to answer business questions by analyzing data using tools such as Excel, SQL, or web-delivered reporting solutions. Ideal candidate would have 2 or more years experience in a role that required them to answer business questions using excel, SQL, or a reporting platform (eg. SAS) so that the candidate will immediately be able to analyze a business problem and determine the correct tools to use to solve it.

The candidate should have strong proficiency in the following tools Strong proficiency in Microsoft Visio, Word, and PPT producing presentations and documentation (process diagrams, data architectures, analysis results) Excel o Functions vlookup, hlookup, match, offset, count, if statements, logical statements, filters, array formulas, parsing data using leftrightfindlen, formatting data using text o Features pivot tables, analysis toolpak (histograms, regression), solver, fuzzy matching o Candidate should understand how and why to do a multi-column vlookup o experience writingediting macros to automate processes SQL o understanding of facts vs dimensions o understanding of applying joins and where clauses to build views of data o understanding of caveats of joining data on pseudo-primary key Candidate should have experience building reports or excel templates to automate complex analysis or processes that are intended for use by other staff with limited excelreporting proficiency. excel, sql, microsoft


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